An Original Pulp Noir Batman Fan Fiction Web Series


The Pilot Episode:

To quickly catch everyone up and to set the stage for where we begin the story, I decided to make the pilot episode like a "True Crime" documentary.  The episode features several interviews with people close to or involved in the Batman Killer case and investigation.  Like The Zodiac Killer, The Son of Sam, The Night Stalker and other notorious serial killers throughout history, this documentary explores fascinating details about The Batman Killer and his many victims. 


The Rest of the Series:

Episodes 2-8 will be created as a dark and gritty pulp, noir detective story that will follow private eye Miles Reinhardt as he is brought back into the investigation after an early retirement from Gotham PD.


Below is the promo "proof of concept" trailer.    


A Web Series created by Chris Abaya


For the past six years, for seven straight days in the fall, a vicious and cunning serial killer known as the Batman has returned to stalk the streets of Gotham City.  This seven day killing spree is known as Hell Week.


In the seventh year of this dreaded tradition, newly elected Mayor Chesterfield Cobblepot, with the support of the governor and city officials, announces a preemptive emergency declaration of Martial Law on the streets of Gotham to stop the Batman killer and put an end to Hell Week once and for all.


But such a dramatic and radical military response will come at a price as the commanding officer in charge of the campaign will be the fierce and dangerous General Abraham Xavier Magnus; known throughout Army ranks as “The Great Stabilizer.”


During this year’s Hell Week, the city will be pit between two terrifying forces. One is a brutal, ritualistic killer.  The other is a merciless General who’s willing to destroy the city in order to restore peace and stability.


With only months away before the city is locked under Martial Law, former Detective turned private eye Miles Reinhardt, along with Special Agent Shyra Hawthorne and Detective Frank Stubbs will enlist the help of some of Gotham’s most decent and honorable citizens; the likes of Penguin, Killa Croc, Harvey Dent and the Riddler to solve the mystery of the Batman, prevent another Hell Week and save the city.