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For over 15 years, Chris has served as a full-time, permanent, federal employee (civilian) of the United States, Department of the Navy.  As an award-winning Audiovisual Production Specialist, Chris has excelled in every step of AV production - from concept to completion and delivery.  He is often a “one man show,” conceptualizing, writing, producing, directing, filming, editing and finally delivering various types of video products for several different Navy commands.  These products include creative video content for marketing, advertising, orientation, informational and how to training videos.


Chris also served as director of a corporate design center for Naval Sea Systems Command, supervising and managing up to 17 employees with skillsets ranging from technical photographers, videographers, training specialists and graphic designers.  During this time, Chris was fiscally responsible for an average budget of over 1.2 million dollars annually, as well as overseeing the day to day operations of the organization.


With regards to filmmaking, Chris’ professional accomplishments have aligned with his personal journey and have helped him achieve success with his own, original projects.  He has written, directed, edited and produced over 20 short films, many garnering awards and “Official Selection” merits from various film festivals. Chris enjoys the camaraderie and appreciates the problem-solving skills you learn when making an indie film, but his favorite part of the process is writing.  His goals include focusing more on scripting and learning how to navigate the film industry solely as a screenwriter.

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