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By Chris Abaya




A young, first-time screenwriter strikes gold with his debut horror screenplay. In an attempt to outdo this newfound success, he travels back home to the East Coast in search of inspiration.  But what he finds is scarier than any concept he could have imagined.




Robbie R. Rhodes is a first-time screenwriter and seemingly overnight, Hollywood sensation. His debut screenplay has put him on top of the world, earning him the coveted Oscar nomination for Best Original Screenplay, not common for a Horror film.  


Although he does not win, this unprecedented accomplishment thrusts the charming young writer into the limelight and the pressure to deliver on a sophomore effort is high.


Desperate to surpass the success of his first screenplay, Rhodes heads back home to North Carolina to find inspiration. With his newfound wealth and status, he rents an extravagant, vacation beach house at the popular Outer Banks (OBX) and invites a group of old film friends over in an attempt to rekindle their relationship.


Several film geeks and cinephile friends respond to the invitation and arrive at the beach house for a night of fun, Horror movie chitchat and catching up with their old pal. But one of Robbie's closest friends, Malachi, isn’t impressed. 

Tensions ignite early in the evening as Malachi clashes with Robbie over choices Robbie made many years earlier.


Things turn strange and terrifying when Malachi becomes violent and accuses Robbie of committing a despicable act back in the day. There’s a supernatural shift as a massive hurricane changes course and bears down over the area, trapping the group of friends in the beach house. To escape the nightmare alive, Robbie must come to grips with his past and face an old mistake he might have made many years earlier.  

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